Rohan Graëffly

Rohan Graëffly

Visual Artist

Artistic Approach

“Rohan Graëffly’s work is unruly and unpredictable. He juggles between painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation. He experiences, builds and deconstruct what surrounds him and what feeds him. His work usually presented in series, comes up from the association of ideas, objects, texts and images. Because it’s limitless, it fits into the legacy of artists wielding irony, criticism and absurd to develop multireferential work. His work meets the iconoclastic spirit of Marcel Duchamp, the surrealism of Rene Magritte, John Heartfied’s radicalism, the malice Wim Delvoye and impertinence of Andres Serrano or Marcel Marien. Out of his daily life: its objects, words, news, rituals, fears, weariness and marks, the artist builds a work swinging between pessimism lucidity and derision.”

Excerpt: Julie CRENN. Rohan Graëffly - Wild Child. Rouen : Éditions Derrière la Salle de Bains, 2013.


Rohan Graëffly (born in Luxemburg, 1975); Graduated in 2001 from «La Cambre»: Brussels National School for Visual Arts; He lives and works in the belgian Ardennes.

Master: “Photographie & recherches paraphotographiques”.


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